Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Too horrible for HMN! Exhibit O: "Lazarus the Legend"

Hi HMNers -

First off, a huge thanks to the awesome crowd of fans that packed our last show at NerdMelt, and our awesome guest, actor Toni Hudson.  It was amazing.  We will be back on Friday, Feb. 13th (Friday the 13th, yo) with another cinematic disaster.  Get on our mailing list, as we are planning a killer guest very soon.  Email listers will get first crack at tickets before we announce to the general public.

Next is another in our ongoing series of movies, for one reason or another, that are just too damned bad for HMN.  This time, we feature "LAZARUS THE LEGEND."  Shot on video in 1991, this oddball kung-fu nightmare was directed by Matt Frazinni in Erie, PA.  It won an award at a local film festival, then disappeared for decades.  Tales of this missing masterpiece were passionately woven in bad movie circles.  Unfortunately, after years of working in local TV, Matt was killed in car crash in 2009.  The family decided to honor his memory by finally releasing "Lazarus" to the public.

The movie's brazen, balls-out action and insanity is jaw-dropping.  Unable to score the movie himself, the director chose to use the music from the original "Star Trek" TV show, with sound effects pulled from Bruce Lee movies.  Your mind might start to warp with the unending kung-fu battles, and the laconic intercuts to the sleepy puppet masters behind the effort to destroy Lazarus.  It's truly a sight to behold.

The awesome folks at Adjust Your Tracking are offering a special edition of the movie in a VHS clamshell.  All profits to the Frazinni family are being donated to a local Pennsylvania animal shelter.  Go check it out!  Here also is a link to view the movie on YouTube.

See you in February!  Get on our email list and you won't miss a horrible thing.


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