Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The inflight meal is you! It's "Flight of the Living Dead" with guest co-host Ted Raimi!

Prepare for takeoff, HMNers -

It's February, which probably makes a lot of you think about having your heart torn out and eaten right in front of you.  But we're not talking Valentine's Day -- we're talking this month's cinematic box of chocolates, "Flight of the Living Dead"!

This 2007 zombie flick (with the greatest title of all time) concerns a pathogen created to prolong the life of soldiers fighting while injured on the battlefield.  It is secretly transported on a commercial flight from L.A. to Paris and, quelle surprise, is released into the plane, creating zombies.  Now only a plucky group of passengers, flight attendants, and an air marshal have any hope of landing the plane safely without being unceremoniously devoured.

We are thrilled to have genre movie icon Ted Raimi join us onstage for this month's show.  Ted will co-host with us, lend his acumen to our roast of the movie, and generally class up the joint.  You won't want to miss it.

Saturday, February 16th, 2013
9PM (Doors 8:30)
7522 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, Calif., 90046
$8 in advance ($10 at the door)

Grab a ticket now to ensure you'll have a seat -- advance tickets are on sale at a discount: click here to purchase.  In addition to the movie, we will feature stand-up comedy from the awesome Graham Elwood, free popcorn & cheap snacks and drinks, and YOU!  Yes, you the audience provides the jokes, quips, jests, and one-liners that power the show.  The funniest quotes of the evening will win prizes, so arrive hilarious or shut up!  It's going to be an amazing show.  We can almost nearly certainly guarantee that all the internal organs you arrived with will not be eaten.

So get them tickets in advance, stalk us on Facebook and Twitter, email us to get on our mailing list, and tell a friend or eight about the show.  Looking forward to seeing your delicious selves at the theater!

Nom nom nom,