Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bigfoots and zombies and aliens -- oh my! "Demonwarp" is a hat trick of awesome.

Good eve, HMN fans -

As we settle into our new monthly home at NerdMelt, we are redoubling our efforts to bring you the worst movies/best entertainment that you deserve.  And yes, you deserve it -- you know why.  With that in mind, meet your June bride, a little movie from 1988 called "Demonwarp."

How can such a simple horror movie be so nuanced and sublime?  It can't, really.  But if you like your Bigfoot movies on the stony side, pull up a chair.  A short prologue in the late 1880s (not explained) leads us into Demonwood Forest (also unexplained) circa the late 1980s, where a variety of cliché character types abound.  Among them is Bill Crafton (played by George Kennedy), whose daughter has been spirited away by a Bigfoot, and actively hunts the creature.  Meanwhile, a van full of youngsters has arrived for some surprisingly alcohol-free fun in the woods (what's wrong with these kids?).  Once they run afoul of the creature, they are drawn into Crafton's hunt, and take it to its illogical conclusion.  

To say this movie is a train wreck would be an insult to train wrecks -- so little is explained.  Yet, it enhances the enjoyability and bizarreness.  Zombie wearing a Residents t-shirt?  Check.  George Kennedy wearing two different colored socks?  Check.  A lot of girls wearing nothing above the waist?  Double check.  It's an absolute treat, with one of the stupidest and funniest endings to a movie we've ever survived.  You can't see it on DVD, Netflix, or anywhere else, so let's do this.

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012
8PM (doors 7:30)
7522 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, Calif., 90046
$8 in advance ($10 at the door)

In addition to your hilarious commentary fueling the lulz throughout the evening, our resident improv troupe The Omelettes will take the stage at various points during the show to create scenes based the film (also with your suggestions).  It all culminates in prizes given out for the best one-liners of the night.  Don't you want one of those people to be you?

Get your tickets in advance through the NerdMelt website, and to guarantee yourself a seat.  Keep up with us on our various online portals: Facebook, Twitter, and our email list.  BYOB to the show as well, cuz we know you're funnier with a brown bag in your hand.  No, really.

See you at the show!

Most Bigfootily yours,