Monday, May 9, 2011

Adam Rifkin, Dan Povenmire & Bobby Ray Shafer to appear at HMN's roast of "Psycho Cop 2"!

*UPDATE* -- Online presale tickets are sold out! We will have a limited number of seats available at the door the night of the show, so be there early to get 'em!


Hello again, HMN faithful -

We've been dutifully sprinkling our crop of bad movies (we won't say with what), and yet another turdblossom is ready to be plucked. Get ready to have your rights read by "Psycho Cop 2"! Our special guests for the show are the movie's director,writer, and star, Adam Rifkin, Dan Povenmire, and Bobby Ray Shafer!

Produced at the nadir of the slasher film franchise boom, 1993's "Psycho Cop 2" (a.k.a. "Psycho Cop Returns") features the second coming of Satan-worshipping rogue cop Joe Vickers. Upon overhearing plans for an after-work bachelor party from two office drones, Officer Vickers makes it his mission to punish all involved, guilty of a crime or no. What follows is a nudie bloodbath of hilarious proportions.

There's enough cheese here to feed the entire Fraternal Order of Police, and still have plenty of leftovers to re-roof the HMN HQ. Bobby Ray Shafer, as the mentally-unbalanced title character, equally dispenses ridiculous one-liners and death joyously. The acting is bad, boobs and butts abound gratuitously, and the bachelor party stag film must be seen to not be believed.

Saturday, May 21st, 2011
8PM (doors 7:15)
The Complex Theater
6476 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, Calif. 90038

HMN is very happy to welcome special guests Adam Rifkin, Dan Povenmire, and Officer Joe Vickers himself, Bobby Ray Shafer to our May show. Adam Rifkin (who directed this film under a pseudonym) has since directed "The Chase", "Mousehunt", "Detroit Rock City", and his most recent film, "Look". He is especially renowned for his cult classic, "The Dark Backward". Dan Povenmire is an award-winning animation director, and co-creator of the monster hit for Disney, "Phineas & Ferb". Bobby Ray has a storied career in film & TV, with his recent turn as Bob Vance in "The Office" being a highlight (not to mention his roles in the Asylum "Mega Shark" series, which tickle us most here at HMN). They will all revisit the past with us, and atone for their cinematic sins at a Q & A after the film.

To add extra pepper to the show, the fabulous
Omelettes will provide improv based on the movie. There will also be drinks available (with various powers) and fresh-baked brownies (sorry, no powers).

Our last show sold very briskly, so do not miss out!
This will be a popular show. Show up early to get tickets at the door. There will be prizes for the best riffs yelled out during the show. Fire only your funniest synapses, and you may be a winner!

So comply with everything the nice officer says, and join us for a horrible evening of awesomeness.