Friday, June 17, 2011

"Kiss Daddy Goodbye" gives you double trouble, with guests Alain Silver & Patrick Regan!

Hello hello, horrible movie fans -

We hope you're enjoying any time you can get away from work this June like we are -- isn't everybody's vacation spent thumbing through disintegrating cardboard boxes of dusty VHS tapes in creaky resale shops? HMN will return fully energized for a dazzling show in July, with yet another of our unknown blockbadsters, 1981's "Kiss Daddy Goodbye". Our special guests this month will be writer Alain Silver, and writer/director Patrick Regan!

Pretty run-of-the-mill plot: two psychokinetic twins see their father killed by a biker gang, and reanimate his corpse to take revenge. Wait -- what? It gets better: the new sheriff in town (played by 50s teen idol Fabian), must investigate both the rash of recent biker gang-related crimes, and the rash of more recent biker gang murders. Yowza.

This one is wacky crazy. The two plotlines operate autonomously for a good deal of the film -- so you get two movies for the prices of one! The sheriff spends quite a while romancing a wayward member of the Board of Education (played by "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" alum Marilyn Burns) in one thread -- the kids play Atari with their minds in another. You will thrill to the drunken antics of the deceased father's friend, various unexplained boob flashes, and the spooky acting of the twins (neither of whom appeared in a movie before or since). Oh -- and don't miss Chester Grimes, who reprises his role as the snickering biker gang member from "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure."

No trailer exists for this movie, so feast your senses on a short clip:

Saturday, July 16th, 2011
8PM (Doors 7:15PM)
The Complex Theater
6476 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, Calif., 90038

Again, we are very pleased to welcome special guests to our screening -- Alain Silver, and Patrick Regan will grace our stage for a Q & A after the movie. Patrick has been active in directing & producing in Hollywood for many years, and Alain is an accomplished film author, with his latest book, The Vampire Film: From Nosferatu to True Blood, to be released from Hal Leonard/Limelight this month.

In addition to all the wonderful foolishness this evening will bring, HMN will also feature improv from the gargantuan talent of The Omelettes. They will create scenes based on the film at various points during the show. Don't forget you can win a prize for the best riff yelled out at the show! So be there filled with funny, and direct it at the screen for your chance to be a winner!

Tickets are available now! Click on the link below to purchase them via PayPal.
Our last show sold out completely, so get on board early -- it's gonna be a hoot.

We'll look forward to seeing double with you in July!

All of our horrible love,


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Too horrible for HMN! Exhibit F - "Las Vegas Bloodbath"

As it is (kinda) said in "The Big Lebowski", "Sometimes there's a movie, and sometimes there's a movie." This is that movie. 1989's "Las Vegas Bloodbath" is an astonishing mess, with bipolar pacing that would humble Gary Busey. The story (a term to be used loosely) starts with a real estate agent landing an important deal. Arriving home to share the story with his lady, he finds her in an awful wig in sexual congress with another man. Almost instantly, he turns from humble businessman to giggly maniac. After dispatching them both and removing his wife's head, he (plus the head) drives to Las Vegas to continue his rampage, concentrating mostly on hapless hookers.

Ordinarily, this movie would be a joy, but it is so amateurishly executed (sorry), that it is rendered impossible to like. At one point, the killer stalks a woman at her home, where she is inexplicably hosting an entire women's oil wrestling team. They chat F O R E V E R until the killer manages to do away with his target in a most vile way. We didn't make it through the rest of the film -- we recommend you don't even start.

Here is a particularly cogent vignette from this titanic dud: