Thursday, February 23, 2012

Too horrible for HMN! Exhibit H - "Strike Commando"

Ah, yes --

The long line of "Rambo" rip-offs of the late 80s seems to have no end.  The success of the franchise, paired with the booming VHS market, created a perfect storm of crummy movies.  Among the more entertaining is Bruno Mattei's "Strike Commando".  This by-the-numbers Vietnam War stinker from 1987 stars Reb Brown (once TV's Captain America) as Sgt. Michael Ransom, yet another highly-trained grunt fucked over by his commanding officers, seeking revenge.

We really wanted to like this one.  It's mostly pokey and dull, but has moments of horrible brilliance.  Sgt. Ransom dazzles a village boy with flowery descriptions of Disneyland, promising to take him after the war.  Of course, the kid doesn't last, making for a hilarious death scene.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Horrible Movie Night is becoming even more horrible.

Hiya, HMN loyalists!

There'll be some exciting shows coming up, and it's time to apprise you of the scoop.

On April 14th, we will appear at the mighty NerdMelt Theater at Meltdown Comics!  NerdMelt is THE destination for underground comedy in L.A., brought to you by the juggernaut that is the Nerdist. Ticket and movie info very soon.

Thanks for sticking with HMN, and if you have yet to join us for the ridiculously horrible fun of our show, it's high time to come on down!  Lots more details soon.



Thursday, February 9, 2012

What's an evening at Horrible Movie Night like --?

Hello again, HMNers -

As we take February off to explore new & dangerous avenues for the show, allow us to present a short documentary by Josef Nemcik about Horrible Movie Night.  This was taken the night of our lovely roast of the shlocky bite-fest, "Project Vampire".  We reunited the cast (most of them hadn't seen each other since 1993) to talk about the film, and share some truly great stories.

There is improv based on the film from the omnipotent Omelettes.  They tear the stage up from the audience's suggestions.  We hope you dig it!

We will be back in a theater near you soon -- there's some exciting news coming down the pike, and once we finalize everything, you'll be the first to know (yes, YOU).  Join us on Facebook and Twitter to keep even further up-to-date.  And we're always curious to hear your suggestions for future HMN movies -- bomb up our wall!