Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This October, get pricked by Corey Feldman in "VOODOO"!

Happy kinda-almost-not-really-yet Halloween!

Huge thanks and welcome to all our new fans who made September's roast of "Sharknado" such a screaming success.  We're stoked to have you onboard for another outing into the waters of bad cinema.  For October, allow yourself to rushed into pledging allegience to 1995's "Voodoo".

Corey Feldman stars as Andy, who wants to be closer to his girlfriend when she enrolls in college, so he joins a very strange fraternity on campus.  A lot of dead bodies later, it seems his frat brothers are up to some occult shenanigans, and may not be -- well, alive. 

The movie also stars Jack Nance (Twin Peaks, Eraserhead, that Suicidal Tendencies video), and Sarah Douglas, who was Ursa in "Superman II".  It's also got voodoo dolls, elongated tongues, ritual sacrifices, and the long-awaited return to HMN of -- boobs.

Saturday, October 12th, 2013
9PM (Doors 8:30)
7522 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, Calif 90046
Tickets: $8. in advance ($10 at the door)
ages 16+

Make sure to grab tickets in advance to guarantee yourself a cheaper price, and a great seat (although any seat with you in it is a great seat).  And don't forget to bring your funny, cuz the best riffs of the evening will win prizes!  Speaking of funny, we will feature comedy from some of the best stand-ups in town to help roast the movie even further.

Get down with all of our horrible day-to-day activities by following us on our various & sundry portals: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our email list.  You'll be glad you did.  Reserve yourself some horrible seats, and come to the show, or we'll tickle your custom-made Etsy voodoo doll until you do.



Thursday, September 19, 2013

Too horrible for HMN! Exhibit M: "Desperation Rising"

There are movies too bad even for Horibble Movie Night?

Yes, Virginia -- there are.  This is another in our series of movies we meet during the vetting process for our show.  May we introduce you to "Desperation Rising".

A melangĂ© of plot ideas, odd camera angles, and epileptic editing adds up to a bizarre mess that's more college video editing project than motion picture.  It's kinda a revenge tale of burned criminals taking out other criminals.  But it also chronicles the travails suffered by a group of prostitutes locked in a red-lit room.

The ADR sounds like the South Park kids imitating Bugs Bunny. The video effects would bring a tear to the eye of an Amiga 500. And what is the son of John Cassavetes & Gena Rowlands doing here?  Although he was in another movie cleverly titled "Farticus", so maybe the apple fell pretty far from the tree.

We normally say watch these movies with friends, and intoxicants.  In this case, stay away from the hooch, and watch it with an EMT team on stand-by.  You'll thank us.

News on our October 12th show -- coming soon!