Monday, August 30, 2010

Too horrible for HMN! Exhibit A -- "Exterminator City"

We go through a lot of movies when programming HMN. There is a very fine line of what makes a great bad movie -- it can't be too bad (i.e. boring, inaudible) or too good (campy, trying too hard). There have been almost-great movies we've seen that haven't made the cut, and we thought we'd share a few with you.

Exhibit A is 2005's "Exterminator City". Like a car that is held together with rivets, this movie is held together by boobs. It involves a serial killer robot that only kills overly-endowed ladies in states on undress. He is hunted by a detective robot with whom, at one point, he has a sword fight (!?). It features some of the worst special effects we've seen (a flying car on a stick in front of a poster of a cityscape).

Beware the trailer is NSFW!

This movie was suggested by one of our fans, and we love your suggestions! Let us know if there's any bad movies we should be aware of -- email us, or add to the discussions page on HMN's Facebook page.

Our one-year anniversary show is Saturday, September 18th -- very special movie to be announced soon!

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

You will want revenge upon "Twister's Revenge"!

Ahoy, HMNers -

Hope you're having a horrible summer! It is with great shame & regret that HMN is proud to present August's film, 1987's "Twister's Revenge" -- the talking monster truck movie. It's not often that we find a film with no trailer, but this doorknob of a flick doesn't even have a poster nor VHS box art. It's as if it was never supposed to be seen -- be seen -- be seen --

Mr. Twister is the top monster truck in Wisconsin, mostly because of the computer modifications made by Shelley, its owner. Shelley and her fiancé, Dave (Mr. Twister's driver) are on the junk car-encrusted road to success until three redneck mechanics get wind of the expensive computer equipment inside Mr. Twister, and scheme to steal it.

When the theft turns into Shelley's kidnapping, Dave vows revenge and finds Mr. Twister has developed a personality & speech. The chase to find Shelley and defeat the stone-dumb bad guys features a showdown between Mr. Twister and a tank, and the destruction of an outhouse named -- yes, the Shit House. Welcome to the Shit House.

Saturday, August 14th, 2010
8PM (Doors at 7:15)
The Complex - Dorie Theater
6476 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, Calif 90038

Get on down early to ensure a seat! We'll have recession pricing on beer, wine, water, soda, and freshly-baked brownies. Your host for the evening is HMN's answer to Rod Serling, Tom Winkler. The film will be wonderfully interrupted by The Omelettes, who will provide improv and thought-provoking fart jokes.

Speaking of jokes, if you yell out the funniest riff of the evening, you will win a prize. So don't spurt out any old thing that comes to mind, make it extra special funny-like. It's the honeymoon suite of movie riffing!

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