Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Too horrible for HMN! Exhibit N: "Computer Beach Party"

Some movies are sadly too bad/boring/campy/whatever for even the hearty souls at HMN.  Here is yet another in an occasional series of profiles of those doomed films -- "Computer Beach Party."

Ostensibly made to combine the burgeoning computer craze with the established beach party craze, this 1987 bizarre hodgepodge features everything one looks for in a bad/good movie: bad acting, bad dubbing, lots of dubbing, subplots that go nowhere, etc.  "Computer Beach Party"adds a new and unprecedented affront:

A mid-movie apology to the audience for an unfilmed scene.

Wow.  This gem was unearthed by the geniuses at Found Footage Fest, and has been getting the exposure it deserves.  Just get immunized before being exposed to this movie.  Enjoy a snippet below and if you dig it, we've linked the entire film below that.

News on our Sat., June 14th show at NerdMelt coming soon!


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