Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Too horrible for HMN! Exhibit L -- "Science Crazed"

There's several kinds of bad movies: good bad, boring bad, campy bad, and batshit frickin' insane bad.  Absolutely owning the last category is 1987's "Science Crazed."  It's the story of a scientist experimenting with a growth serum.  After injecting a woman in the hopes of her delivering a full-grown human, said full-grown human escapes the lab and begins a killing spree.  Two of the lab assistants and a cartoonish detective attempt to track down the creature.

If "Eraserhead" was instead made by a high school A/V club with equipment from 1982, you'd still have a ways to go before approaching the level of astonishing ineptitude of this movie.  It's jaw-dropping.  The editing errs on the side of maple syrup, the ADR punches your ears like Tyson, and acting makes you pray the killer hurries the fuck up (spoiler alert: he doesn't).  None of it, unfortunately, in a good bad way.

Consider yourselves warned, but you can view the entire film below.

Stay good bad,


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