Sunday, September 26, 2010

You'll need all nine lives to survive "Uninvited"!

Fall back, HMNers!

Hope you had a great summer, and it was a hoot to host many of you during our first horrible year of bad movie shows. And we're only getting ramped up -- prepare for the October/Halloween edition of Horrible Movie Night! You are hereby invited to "Uninvited"!

From 1988, "Uninvited" is a rollicking, scary voyage aboard a luxury yacht, with the unlikely combo of nubile spring-breakers and criminal venture capitalists. A simple excursion to the Cayman Islands is terrorized by a genetically-mutated cat who kills, at first, only mean people, then indiscriminately. Director Greydon Clark also gave us the videogame sex romp "Joysticks".

It's hilariously bad -- when the cat mutates to attack, a hairball-like creature pops out of its mouth to bite ankles, wrists, and other body parts to a comically bloody effect. It also stars screen legend George Kennedy, who heavily sighs his way through his role as the criminal mastermind's bodyguard. Along with some other seasoned character actors (including Clu Gulager of "Return of the Living Dead"), the cast is filled out with young duds fumbling through their death scenes. "Uninvited" is an absolute joy to behold.

Saturday, October 16th, 2010
8PM (Doors at 7:15)
The Complex - Dorie Theater
6476 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, Calif 90038

This month's HMN is brought to you by the good folks at Cheezy Flicks Entertainment, purveyors of wondrous cinematic examples of cult, horror, and -- well, cheese. Visit them and browse their inspiring collection of DVDs -- including "Uninvited"!

As always, you can count on host Tom Winkler of to guide you through the hilarious haunted house that is HMN. The cackling ghosts & skeletons will be played by The Omelettes, peppering the evening with spooky improv. But the real star of the night is YOU! Come equipped with your funniest jibes & japes, and you may stumble home with a prize for the best one-liner of the show.

We'll have beer, wine, and other delicious beverages, along with freshly-baked brownies. Come early to secure yourself a seat or two -- park on Wilcox, north of Santa Monica Blvd. for choice parking. We promise we won't shred your couch or eat your houseplants if you join us for this purrrfectly horrible evening! See you then!



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