Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's our first anniversary, and you get the gift -- of "Alien Warrior"!

Happy anniversary, HMNers!

The Horrible Movie Nightly news is September marks one year of bad movies, great improv, and hilarious commentary. So to celebrate, we've dug deep into the archive (meaning the gap between the wall and the video shelf where all the worst movies hide) to find an especially odious film to subject you to. It's a little something called, "Alien Warrior" a.k.a, "King of the Streets".

From 1985, this innocuously-titled film is the very thinly veiled story of Jesus' brother (nicknamed Buddy, the original Buddy Christ) who comes to Earth to fight "great evil" in order to make a difference for us humans. Said great evil turns out to be "Mr. One", a pimp and crime kingpin with a booming business of blackmail, prostitution, and really mean staredowns. A collection of disaffected Los Angelenos match wits, fists, and bullets with Mr. One & his gang, thanks to Buddy's various teachings. He also tries to impart a message of kindness & empathy, but also bloodies up a whole lot of people, and sexes down a literacy volunteer.

This film has a severe case of cinematic schizophrenia -- it has no idea what it wants to be. Is it an action movie? Inspirational film? Soft-core? Comedy? After-school special? It certainly tries on all those hats, yet leaves the store without buying. You do, however, get to see the crime lord firing an Uzi while dressed only in his tighty whities. You'll feel like you were hit with an electric cattle prod after watching this one. In a good way.

Saturday, September 18th, 2010
8PM (Doors at 7:15)
The Complex - Dorie Theater
6476 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, Calif 90038

We'd love to have you down to help us celebrate! Seating is limited. Come down early to snag some seats, some drinks, and food from whatever food truck is outside the Smodcastle next door. We'll have beer, wine, soda, and water for sale to help hydrate your funny bone. Parking is best on Wilcox, north of Santa Monica Blvd. Map it, dude.

Your host is Tom Winkler, grizzled veteran of many bad movies, and creator of Halftime improv will hilariously hurled at you courtesy of The Omelettes.

Remember that you can win a special prize for the funniest riff of the night, but only if you give us your best. So polish up your best witticisms for a great evening of painfully funny cinema. Get on the mailing list if y'ain't, and accept our friendship on Facebook and Twitter, too.

We'll hope to see you -- in September, into our second year, and beyond! Thanks for your support.

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  1. Hello, I heard your story and interview on the Jay Thomas radio show. Have you ever seen the 1977 Sci-Fi thriller 'Laserblast' directed by one Charles Band and starring ???? This film was released in the wake of 'Star Wars', hoping to mop up some of the excess cash flying around as a result of that mega hit, however the only mopping done was of theatre floors as dozens of moviegoers lost their lunch during the flick. There was also a double-feature including another film by the same director called 'The end of the world' which was even worse. I highly recommend these for Horrible Movie Night.

  2. Thanks, Dave!

    Indeed we have seen that one -- it's a stinker alright. Love that stop-motion! We've also explored "End of the World", which has its moments. Thanks for the suggestions!