Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Never mind being mugged on the subway, watch out for being eaten by C.H.U.D.!

Merry February -

Every month we dig deep in the crates to bring you the best in the worst cinema. This month, we dig deep underground to bring you the 30th anniversary of "C.H.U.D."!

A 1984 cautionary (and newly relevant) tale of nuclear waste, homelessness, and fashion photography, C.H.U.D. stars John Heard (Sharknado 4eva FTW) and Daniel Stern as two concerned New Yorkers battling back against monsters lurking in the subway system.  When that lurking turns into people being eaten, the guys go on the attack, fighting not only the mutant cannibals, but a government agency desperate to hide a dark secret. It's C.H.U.D.-tastic!

Saturday, February 8th, 2014
9PM (Doors 8:30)
7522 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, Calif. 90046
Tickets: $8. in advance ($10. at the door)

Joining us a special co-host this month is JAY THOMAS (Sirius XM's The Jay Thomas Show, Murphy Brown, Cheers), who acted in the movie, alongside a young John Goodman.  Jay is a raconteur extraordinaire, and 
a hilarious guy -- it'll amplify an already great evening. 

Tickets are on sale now!  Get yours at a discount if you buy in advance at the link above.  As always, your funny one-liners power the show. Be the best, and you'll stroll back home through the sewers with a prize. All that, great stand-up comedy, and free popcorn?  What are you waiting for?

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Yours in C.H.U.D.itutde,


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