Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's Pacific Dim with KRAA! THE SEA MONSTER, sponsored by FULL MOON FEATURES!

Avast, bad movie lubbers -

We're back for August, and it's a goodie this month.  Our cinematic dartboard is 1998's "KRAA! THE SEA MONSTER".

The true horror of this film only begins with the grammatical atrocity of a rogue exclamation point in the title.  A giant sea lizard has been unleashed upon an unsuspecting New Jersey, and proceeds to stomp its way across the landscape.  A team of teen space cadets (for real) orbiting our solar system in a giant spherical battle station (totally not looking like the Death Star) monitors the situation.  Using space technology (and, for some reason, telepathy), they decide to send an alien agent to assist some random humans in helping defeat Kraa.

There's a lot goin' on in this picture.  It's actually a combination of two films, "Kraa!" being cut in with an unrelated film, "Planet Patrol." This is a technique used often by Hong Kong bad movie auteur Godfrey Ho. Look carefully to see if any of the characters from the two movies interact (spoiler: they don't).

We have a biker teaming up with a diner owner teaming up with an alien blob teaming up with the government to team up to defeat the wobbily kaiju.  There's lots of crummy miniatures, slow-motion destruction, and actors running back & forth to simulate shaking buildings à la Star Trek.  You'll also see Alison Lohman (Drag Me to Hell), and Stephen Martines (Burn Notice) in early roles.  It's a cornucopia of fun!

Saturday, August 17, 2013
9PM (Doors 8:30)
7522 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, Calif 90046
Tickets: $8 in advance ($10 at the door)
Ages 16+

The good (yet evil) folks at Full Moon Features have graciously provided their support, and prizes for the show.  Wait 'til you see what they have for you!  Bring your knowledge of Full Moon's catalog through the years for a chance to win bonus prizes.  And follow them on Twitter, dammit!

We are pleased to welcome as our special guest Christopher Bergschneider, the special effects guru who worked on "Kraa!"  He's contributed to "A.I.", and "Tales from the Crypt", so we'll see what he has to say for himself at a Q&A after the movie.  Don't forget the killer stand-ups who will perform during the evening -- we have Shawn Pearlman (Comedy Palace, Uncle Mom), and Allen Strickland Williams (sketch comedy group Women) to help roll the hilarity along.

And of course, HMN wouldn't be HMN without you the audience there to riff the movie.  So grab those tickets in advance at a discount now.  This'll be a popular show, so get on it.  Facebook.  Twitter. Instagram.  Email list.  You know the drill.



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