Thursday, October 27, 2011

The awesomeness of garbage day.

First off, allow us to thank all of you for your horrible support of our detestable show.  We're so pleased and disgusted to have you all as fans, and look forward to seeing you at our theater show in the future.

In honor of Halloween, let us honor Christmas -- more specifically, the holiday classic, "Silent Night, Deadly Night 2".  It has been established that this yule-turd of a movie contains one of the most classic and oft-repeated lines in any bad movie (second only to "the" line in "Shark Attack 3: Megalodon", covered in glorious detail by our friends at the Proudly Resents podcast).  To wit:

What we at HMN love is that "garbage day" has become a meme.  Following are some of the myriad of hilarious parodies & tributes of this lovely scene.  Enjoy!

Labor day! 
St. Patrick's Day!
Veteran's Day!
Laundry Day!


P.S. - November's show is Saturday the 19th -- movie info to follow.

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