Saturday, March 20, 2010

HMN's host -- insane, or not?

Our amazing host, Tom Winkler, has embarked upon another Web mission (in addition to his previous & ongoing adventures and Don't Whack Your Boss). This time, it's I'm Not Insane -- a place to prove your sanity to the world, and win a t-shirt while you're at it! Here's an explanation in Tom's own words:

Hello. I'm Tom. The creator of
People have called me insane for years.
Well I'm not. I'm not insane.

Do you feel the same way?
Would you like to join me in sharing
this safety evoking message with the masses?

Every weekday we will post several photographs from around the planet.
Pictures of you, proclaiming your utter lack of insanity.

Friends and strangers alike will have the opportunity to vote for
whomever seems the most 'not insane' and we'll announce
the winner every night at midnight New York time.

This looks promising, folks -- the not-insane among us now have a voice! Go visit, win, and wear your shirt proudly!

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